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In a complex, ever-changing and highly competitive world, the ability to come up with creative ideas and insightful solutions needs to be cultivated as a deep-rooted culture across organizations and institutions.


Our workshops empower and enrich our participants to :

  • Look sharper. Think Clearer. Communicate Better.

  • Explore new ways to gain user insights

  • Enhance creative problem-solving skills

  • Craft stories rooted in human experiences

  • Use visual articulation to gain clarity 

How is it different?



Our workshops are meticulously structured basis organizational/ institutional needs and associated learning curve of audience.



Developed by domain experts, the workshops are designed to be hands-on and interactive. We don't believe in boring discussions and endless arguments, our workshops are FUN!



Our tools and techniques enable participants to utilize the learning's back into their work and some of them in your every day routine too!

Workshop Topics

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought."

Albert Einstien

Pile of Oranges

Brand Identity & Positioning

Distil your brand's essence by understanding the what, how and why. Create a vision  that's aligned to your business goals.

Caring Child

Communicate with Impact

Learn to weave stories rooted in human experiences, convey the right message and craft crisp & impactful presentations.

Using Mesh Bag

Customer Journey Mapping

Travel with us to understand your end user experience holistically, through our custom built journey mapping tools.


Thinking Visually

Gain confidence in translating complex ideas to simple drawings. Tell stories through visuals which have a lasting impact.

Painting Wall

Light UP your creative spark!

Build, nurture and leverage creativity at work. A primer session in imagination, with the interplay between the verbal and the visual.


Mindfulness through Doodling

Slow down, focus on the paper and pen and create beautiful repetitive patterns in a meditative way.

Get in touch

The content, structure and duration of each workshop is customized as per the organization needs.

Kindly drop us a mail or call us to help us understand your requirements better.

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